Aura Health’s mission is to build an international network of vertically integrated businesses in the medical cannabis industry.

The Road to Get There:


Israeli cultivation of high-quality & low-cost flower


Export into European markets


Process into extracts & other end products


Distribution of medical cannabis in Europe


Delivering High Quality Medicinal Cannabis In Israel & Europe

We in the process of building one of Israel's leading cannabis companies. From scalable cultivation, to cutting-edge medicinal research and processing, to high profile dispensaries, Aura Health is set to become a country-leading and vertically integrated marijuana company.

  • Signed LOI with HOLYCANNA, an Israel cultivation license holder with the plan to build a 50K square foot facility by 2Q 2019.
  • Signed a LOI with CannabiSendak to build a high profile dispensary in Tel Aviv that will be exclusively supplied by HOLYCANNA.

With export laws in Israel easing, our business is positioned to sell low-cost, pharma-grade cannabis to European markets. With tremendous know-how in medicinal marijuana production, our European expansion efforts are underway.


Agreement with Nutritional High to leverage proprietary extraction and edibles technology for product development.

  • Infusing products with THC & CBD extracts.
  • Utilizing distillation & other techniques for a potent, clean, & consistent product.
  • Manufacturing know-how.
  • Specialization in seed-to-sale.
  • Extracts, tablets, vape cartridges, & edibles.

Additionally, Aura will develop health and wellness products which may be licensed to Nutritional High for U.S. distribution.